Ernie Bose was an Engine Builder back when Quarter Midget Racing started, and everyone worked on their own engines.Ernie built the best and fastest engines around. He specialized in Continental Engines. He was one of the 1st Engine Builders to sell Specialized Engines.


If you had an 'Ernie Bose Engine' you were considered the Fastest in the Country. He helped change and mold Quarter Midget Racing to what it is today. He is one of only a handful who is in the Quarter Midget Hall of Fame. Over 20 Years ago, Pomona Valley Quarter Midgets (Ernie's home club and previous home of the Orange Show Quarter Midgets) started the 'Ernie Bose World Record Race' to never forget what Ernie did for Quarter Midget Racing. Drivers come from all over the country to break an 'Ernie Bose Record' and to earn the sought after red 'Ernie Bose Jacket'.