Date: June 3 & 4, 2017
Race Fees: $50 Per Car ($45 for pre-registered cars)
Transponder Rental Fee: $10 per Car
Transponder Brackets: *not available*

No track fuel will be provided. Mid grade Chevron from the station on Mill and 'E' Street must be used and will be tested.

For parking info please contact Nicol at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friday’s Race Schedule:

Safety & Sign-ins: 12:00pm– 6:00pm
Open Practice: 9:00am– 9:00pm
Controlled Practice: As needed

Saturday’s Race Schedule:

s: 7:30am – 8:15am

  • Closed during pit meeting
  • Late sign-ins can join qualifying sessions for their class up to final round

Pit Meeting: 8:30pm
Practice/Qualifying 9:00am: First round of qualifying practice begins (5 cars, 5 min.)
Lower Mains: Following qualifying

Qualifying Procedure:
The classes will practice in standard order, at the end of each 5 min. 7 car practice set; you may choose to take 1, 2, or 3 qualifying times (after first round of practice, you are not required to take any laps). Qualifying order within each set is determined by the pit box in the hot chute you occupy when your practice set ends (box #1 first, etc.) When Qualifying, you get up to 10 warm-up laps before you go on the clock. If you take 1 time on the clock in the first or second set you must take the other 2 times in the following set. There is no guarantee that there will be three qualifying sessions due to time constraints. Watch the clock!

Times can be split or back to back. If a handler calls for 2 or 3 laps on the clock and the driver leaves the track on a split lap, then that car will have his/her remaining laps for future qualifying sessions, unless they had previous times on the clock.

A. Handler calls for split lap and is going to take all 3 laps.
B. Driver leaves the track on split lap after 1 time on the clock and this is the first attempt to qualify. C. Driver has 1 more chance to take 2 final timed laps.

If a handler asks for back to back laps and the driver leaves the track on a timed lap then the lap is lost.

Qualifying starts after first round of controlled practice and ends at 6PM (or after last round of qualifying, whichever comes first). If a set is on the track at 6PM, they are the last to qualify. Exception: If a class is divided into more than one set, the class will be able to finish and the next class will not go out.

Sunday’s Race Schedule:

s: 8:00am

  • Closed during pit meeting
  • Late sign-ins available up to main event, car will start in the back as long as driver doesn’t cause a semi

Pit Meeting: 8:30am
Main Events: 9:00am
Tech & Awards: After A mains (if completed)

Main Line-ups:

  • Juniors – 6 top qualifiers go straight to the Main
  • Seniors – 8 top qualifiers go straight to the Main
  • Full Inversion – (If semi: top 6 for Jrs & top 8 for Srs)
  • Number of laps for Mains - 25 laps for Novices - 30 laps for Junior classes
  • 40 laps for Seniors and all other classes

Semi’s and Consi’s Line-ups:

  • Will be run based on car count
  • Top 2 finishers will transfer
  • All semi’s and consi’s will be straight up
  • Number of laps for Lower Mains
  • 20 laps for Novices
  • 20 laps for Junior classes
  • 25 laps for Seniors and all other classes

Awards following Main Events & Tech:

  • All drivers receive a participation award
  • Top Qualifier receives a Fast Time Clock Plaque
  • Track Record Breakers will have the option of purchasing a classic red Ernie Bose World Record Holder Jacket

** Please note that race day schedule is subject to change based on car count, weather, and other factors that affect driving condition**